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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence - AI Strategy and Digital Transformation

Artificial Intelligence - AI Strategy and Digital Transformation

We meet your user needs by identifying use cases where Artificial Intelligence (AI) brings the most benefits. Our AI capability check assesses your capabilities, business, and data readiness for Artificial Intelligence. We help define your Artificial Intelligence AI strategy by working with stakeholders. AI Can meet evolving user needs.


  • Artificial Intelligence Computer Vision and Image Classification

  • State-of-the-Art Deep Learning modelling & Artificial Intelligence

  • Artificial Intelligence Natural Language Processing (NLP), Language Models. Sentiment Analysis.

  • Strategic planning, Architecture Design. Business case assistance. Proofs of Concept.

  • Artificial Intelligence Model development and improvement to meet targets

  • Reveal AI insights into your data for decision making

  • Exploratory data analysis, data preparation, cleansing, and enhancement services

  • AI Technology: Tensorflow, Pytorch, Keras, Caffe, Microsoft, AWS, Google. Any!

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep learning experts leveraged

  • User Segmentation and Recommender use cases


  • Predictive AI analytics and decision making trained on your data

  • Potential for significant resource savings by AI prioritising workload

  • Potential for significant accuracy improvement in your processes

  • Potential for significant time savings with productionised AI models

  • Agile based methodologies aligned with central government and GDS delivery

  • Iterative Artificial Intelligence delivery for early results, driving direction

  • Forecasting and future proof your services and products with AI

  • Onsite training to handover AI knowledge to your teams

  • Adhere to NCSC security principles and technology code of practise

  • Adding new neural networks in line with Artificial Intelligence research

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