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Blockchain Development

Market leaders across the world are adopting Blockchain in their business models to outperform the competition. At ClearSky Cloud, we help you harness the power of blockchain technology –digital identity management, data storage, tokenization and secure transfer to boost your business.

Blockchain Consulting 

With an experience of 3+ years in Blockchain field to help you evaluate the effect of the technology in your business and take an informed decision


Cryptocurrency Exchange Development 

Create fast, secure and highly efficient exchange or trading platforms to facilitate

the transfer of different cryptocurrencies and assets.

Smart Contract Development & Audit 

Design, develop, audit and optimize self-executing Smart Contracts to carry out

secure tasks, across different platforms, without the assistance of a third party

ICO Development & Launch 

Conceive end to end ICO launch strategies & pre or post-development services like

website/whitepaper creation, token model evaluation and smart contract creation.

DApps Development 

Develop scalable, advanced and smart decentralized applications (DApps) tailored to carry out transactions across different Blockchains.​

Crypto wallet Development 

Assist in building safe and secure digital wallets that can be integrated with

different applications to store, transact and maintain cryptocurrencies.

Private Blockchain Development 

Build private and permissioned Blockchain application for different organizations

and industries to improve its capabilities while saving on the infrastructure costs.

Hyperledger Development Services 

Provides all-round assistance in the development and setting up of enterprise-grade blockchain projects with the help of open-source blockchain frameworks. ​

Our Blockchain Journey

Identifying the right path

Our team will work with you to set clear concepts, validate the concepts and identify probable bottlenecks. This would help in avoiding unwanted costs and confusion during the development phase.

  • Perform market analysis and feasibility study

  • Find suitable business models

  • Develop multi-platform strategies

  • Choose the right technology stack

  • Craft scalability and security roadmap

The UI/UX design

Our primary aim lies in ensuring future growth by ensuring user satisfaction and adoption. We accomplish this by performing user- centric analysis that helps create well informed decisions.

  • Map user journey

  • Identify user, business or technical constraints

  • Create prototypes and mockups

  • Set usability metrics

  • Ensure flawless user experience across platforms


Development and Testing

Our goal is to create secure, scalable and functional products by combining engineering with quality analysis. This will help incorporate new features and functionalities thereby increasing the user base.

  • Flexible, robust backend

  • High grade information security

  • Assured continuous delivery process

  • Full-fledged testing framework across platforms

  • End to end testing solutions; UI, functional and integration. 

Industries We Serve 

Retail and E-Commerce


Banking and Finance 


Travel and Hospitality 


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