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Why ClearSky Cloud

Your New Breed of Technology Partner


We help Manage, Secure & Protect the Hybrid-Cloud.


Our mission is Cloud Orchestration Empowering People as-a-Service. This is accomplished via a Unified Management Portal powered by World-Class technology.


This approach empowers businesses with a new way of consuming, purchasing and delivering IT with Zero lock-in, Immediate ROI with zero CapEx. ​


Helping you create the future

Organisations are seeing huge benefits using multiple private and public clouds and thus exploiting best of breed solutions, flexibility and cost efficiencies among other things.

The next generation of cloud computing isn’t just for techies anymore. Managers are responding to the real opportunities that the cloud offers to develop new business models, forge closer ties with customers and tap into the expertise of employees and partners. From a technology that was initially adopted for efficiency and cost savings, the cloud has emerged into an innovation powerhouse.

How we help

Cloud Orchestration Empowering People as a Service enables management of the multi-cloud in one place regardless of the devices and vendors.  This approach simplifies gathering analytics, visibility, cost control, governance, automation and security through a single pane of glass and a two-way mirror to your cloud environment. We work with our clients to build a library of cloud services which gives you the freedom and speed to deploy new technologies and innovate on the way on a pay-as-you-go self-service.

Powered by World-Class technology and offered on a try before you decide basis makes the decision painless and risk-free especially when the immediate ROI is considered.

If you share our vision of the future let's explore how ClearSky Cloud can be your New Breed of Technology Partner.

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