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Managed Service Providers

Gain complete visibility of your client's estate with Next-Generation Cloud Orchestration, Active Cyber-Risk Management & Cloud Backup

"Introducing disruptive technology to MSPs, delivering tremendous value with zero CapEx & in-month profit"



The next-gen multi-cloud management platform (CMP) 


Cloud Management


is custom built on Gartner Magic Quadrant Leading technology, empowering business growth, accelerating time-to market with operational efficiencies for existing and emerging services.  


The self-serving CMP is bespoke for your Service Organisation (or your client Organisation), branding, logo etc. 

This capability has many benefits for both you as the Service Provider and your clients.

Service Providers are grappling with how to compete with the Hyper-Scalers while driving Cloud Consumption to their infrastructure.  The CMP brings all the Hyper-Scalers & your catalogue within a unified console so you own the Cloud Marketplace.


A good place to start when approaching a new or existing client is with an Audit. 


It is 100% risk free, try before you buy, Zero CapEX and has demonstrated a circa 30% cloud cost saving. 


This would allow your Team to present a comprehensive (instance by instance) report across the disciplines analysed (Cost, Time, Resource). Each instance will have a report on its current state, along with recommendations to achieve an optimised state. Using current public cloud price plans unique to your account we will also detail cost savings associated with actioning our recommendations:


Cost Management

Rolling Monthly v Reserved Instance

Quickly connect all your public cloud and private cloud environments to the CMP to gain insights into financial best practices and whether you can save money by moving workloads to reserved instances.

Time Management

Shut Down When You Can

One of the biggest mistakes we see with cloud adoption is taking an ownership mentality into a rental environment. Most public cloud instances are costed per hour, with memory and compute charged separately from storage. If the ONLY element that is perpetual is the storage, then shutdown memory and compute on idle workloads whenever possible.

Resource Management

Right-size Virtual Machines

Over specifying machine resources is another die-hard habit from working with depreciating assets, where decisions needed to be made with a far longer-term vision in mind. With a rental environment, we ONLY need to provision for what we need today, there is NO return on investment with over-specifying workloads in a public cloud, you are just wasting money

Cost Normalisation - Private Cloud

Building a Consistent Commercial Model

It is impossible to identify value for money across two disparate commercial models, the risk is that the decision-making process becomes emotional, not logical, and therefore it feels like the right thing to do. The CMP can enable (as part of our private cloud audit) to normalise the pricing between public and private clouds. You can create tee-shirt size VMs that mirror public cloud instances, and therefore you can dynamically compare price/performance across your hybrid cloud estate.

The Cloud Management Platform not only mitigates Bill-Shock but enforces best practice while streamlining a self-service model via your branded GUI.




ClearSky Cloud offers the first data lake purpose-built for security at enterprise scale.  The unified and integrated security platform continuously exposes blind spots, actively reducing the attack surface to control Inherent Risk, and amplify MITRE tactics to contain Imminent Risk. 


Adopters report 70% cost savings as opposed to using traditional multi-layered approaches to mitigate rogue activity on the network.  The transactional data model and data lake fundamentally transform how security telemetry is collected, analysed and stored.  Enterprises realise unprecedented visibility, accuracy and control along with lower costs, operational efficiency and risk-centric governance.


Leave Correlation (best-guess) behind and move into enforcing zero-trust using Causation (trust-chain) to eliminate false-positives.

Service Providers can leverage this new approach and offer Active Cyber-Risk Management as a Service without installing agents into the client production environment.




Backup and recovery for any app, any data, across any cloud. 

ClearSky's Cloud Management Platform is integrated with Veeam Cloud Connect technology offering an easy and cost-effective cloud solution for your offsite backup and archiving needs. ​Get physical and virtual backups off-site and replicate VMs (virtual machines) without the cost and complexity of building and maintaining an off-site infrastructure. Veeam® Cloud Connect provides a fully integrated, fast and secure way to back up and replicate to a service provider's cloud repository.

White Labelled 

Our solutions, are all multi-tenanted, and can be white-labelled in minutes to deliver a rich customer experience whilst maintaining brand integrity

Sales Tools

We have developed a range of videos, animations, pre-recorded presentations and light board videos to assist your sales teams achieve a frictionless short sales cycle

Engineered Solutions

All of our solutions are pre-engineered to meet/exceed the expectations of the most demanding enterprises, with no single point of failure

High Gross Margin

As you would expect, service subscription sales are margin rich, and as we empower the client to self serve we also reduce your operational overhead, and aid client retention

Lifetime Deal Reg

Our deal registration is for life not just for the first project because all of our solutions are monthly subscription as long as we succeed then we will succeed together.

Marketing Tools

Every marketing pound spent needs to count, and with so much noise it's difficult to be heard when nobody is listening, we can support you with bespoke messaging to ensure you maximise return.

A New Breed of Partner

“Everything as-a-service needs a new breed of partner."

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