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Hybrid-Cloud Backup & Recovery

Powered by Redstor 

ClearSky's Cloud Management Platform takes a very different approach to your typical backup and disaster recovery partner that use traditional failover solutions.


Instead of requiring a second site, or having expensive hardware sat waiting to be utilised, through our relationship with Redstor we enable organisations to restore data near instantly, by streaming access to data directly from the cloud, prioritising the files and systems which are needed. 


By effectively cutting recovery time objectives (RTO) to near zero, organisations can take peace of mind that their backup and recovery strategy has them covered in the event of a full-site loss or, just a simple file restore or test. 


Additional benefits of working with Inca for Business Continuity: 

  • A cloud-first approach with no reliance on hardware 

  • Smart recovery, with on demand recovery of any file, in an instant

  • A smarter way of working, with the broadest coverage of data from a single app  

  • Unique antiviral AI that neutralises threats before they become attacks

  • Reduced energy consumption on-site and a lower carbon-footprint for backups

Backup Flexibility 

Protect your data and storage wherever it resides – SaaS, cloud, virtual or physical.

Near-zero RPO’s and RTO’s

Implement a confident DR strategy including verified protection for critical assets.

Gain Instant Recovery

Gain Instant Recovery. Keep availability high and your business running through instant recovery of your workloads

Protect Everything. Recover Fast

Intelligent application, file, virtual server, and NAS backup ensures no data is lost

Update Your Data Protection Game 


Be Always Available with the Confidence You Can Recover from Any Situation Fast

Cloud Mobility 

Monitoring & Analytics 

Governance & Compliance 

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