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Cloud Billing

30% Cost Reduction, In-Month ROI, and Zero CapEx

When the CTO doesn't know where all corporate data is, and the CFO can't reconcile invoices, and expense claims then you need ClearSky Cloud Cost Management.  

Visibility - Gain insights into financial best practices and achieve full visibility and control over your entire public cloud and private cloud estate.


Rolling Monthly vs Reserved Instance – Cloud adoption requires a new mentality. Most public cloud instances are costed per hour, with memory and compute charged separately from storage. If the ONLY element that is perpetual is the storage, then you should shut down memory and compute on idle workloads whenever possible.


Right-size Virtual Machines - With a rental environment, we ONLY need to provision for what we need today, there is NO return on investment with over-specifying workloads in a public cloud; you are just wasting money.  


Cost Normalisation - ClearSky Cloud can work with you as part of our private cloud audit to normalise the pricing between public and private clouds. We can create tee-shirt size VMs that mirror public cloud instances and therefore you can dynamically compare price/performance across your hybrid cloud estate.


Consolidated Monthly Invoice – CTO’s and/or LOB’s can easily identify the cost of their entire IT cloud estate assets in simplistic terms on a consolidated invoice.



Consolidated Visibility & Governance

“Quickly provide consolidated visibility & governance of the Hybrid-Cloud Estate.”

Automated Discovery

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