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Internet of Things (IoT) Transformation

Engaging with IoT modernisation and defining the right scope and complexity for your transformation initiatives is tough. ClearSky Cloud's IoT Transformation for Microsoft Azure and AWS services are designed to get you moving by breaking down the modernisation challenge into small, digestible blocks that require minimal commitment.

ClearSky helps organisations define customer-led use-cases and architecture design to accelerate the building or customisation of a fine-tuned end-to-end IoT prototype and/or solution for increased business value powered by Microsoft Azure and/or AWS.


Our IoT experts will help you assess IoT readiness, identify gaps with current systems, set an achievable strategy and deliver the right IoT solution for your business leveraging BI, AI, ML and other market leading IoT technologies. We’ll work with you to explore user experience, scalability and security, exploiting modern cloud native services to accelerate your transformation.


We also help you set out technical principles that pave the way for larger scale transformation - then road-test them in a Proof-of-Concept (POC) to demonstrate effectiveness and value before investing extensive budgets to develop and deliver the full-scale modernised solution.

Our Approach

We use impact mapping to build a clear view of the relationships between your data, stakeholders, users and business objectives. We will then use this framework to create an accessible technical plan for a POC that clearly demonstrates ROI for your organisation

What You Get 

To get started, we set up an exploratory call with our Solution Strategy team designed to assist businesses and IT departments identify how they can activate and accelerate their Digital Transformation journey through software built on the principles of:

• Creating and deploying new value

• Modernising and optimising existing capabilities


In this initial call, we look to understand:

• The nature of your business, and critical success factors for you to be successful

• Current challenges and limitations the business faces

• What the business is strategically looking to achieve in the context of the realm of opportunities

• How we can support your business achieve a solution strategy aligned to your business priorities.


IoT transformation is one of our digital modernisation pillars focused around:

• Equipping businesses with new capabilities powered by software.

• Empowering existing processes and line-of-business applications to enable unlimited accessibility from any location or device of choice, securely.

• Re-architecting existing IoT ecosystems to unlock automation opportunities, interconnectivity, mobility, efficiencies and scale capabilities.


The output of the workshop will be an executive level summary of the options available to your organisation and the role that data modernisation can play within that. We have seen this be really successful in gaining budget for small Proof-of-Concept that demonstrate clear ROIs that application modernisation can deliver. Our ultimate aim is to help you start your modernisation journey with confidence!

What will your business get from this 

By the end of this workshop, you will have a personalised assessment in the context of the desired outcomes, risks and mitigations which:

• Identifies the various ways to achieve the desired outcomes and the initial gap between present state and desired state

• Enumerates the technical requirements and the best-suited approach to solution delivery

• Aligns the right working relationship, required roles and effective delivery management approach

• Realistically estimates effort and costs needed to build a POC and deliver the final solution.

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The ‘Internet of Things’

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