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Dev-Native Security

Automated Application Security Testing

Powered By The First Purpose-Built Data Lake for Security.  Using revolutionary unique patented technology.



Introducing the first unified platform to secure enterprise software, providing a single integrated solution for securing custom code, open-source, and commercial software.


Its Dev-Native architecture automates security testing, vulnerability management, and workload protection across the entire SDLC to accelerate release velocity,

increase build quality, ensure continuous compliance, and lower total cost of ownership.

Automate Protection for Custom Code and Supply Chain Software

A purpose-built security data lake provides unprecedented visibility and control. Integrated risk management for governance and operations. 

Key Capabilities

Build-over-Build Automation

Pipeline-native integrations with build and ticketing systems enables daily automated security testing

Complete Coverage

All application code paths are fully exercised for all vulnerabilities assuring compliance with OWASP 2021

Unmatched Precision

Pinpoints vulnerable lines of code and enriches ticket with execution flow saving valuable developer time

Developer Tools

Provides tools to validate, root-cause, replay, and verify the fix minimizing MTTR

Plug and Play

No configuration, tuning, customization required providing immediate time to value

Vulnerability Lifecycle Management

Identifies, prioritizes, and remediates, and manages the risk of unpatched vulnerabilities in production


Key Benefits

Secure from the Start

Security integrated into your SDLC detects and mitigates vulnerabilities in development reducing cost by 100X vs fixing in production

Verified Continuously

Automated testing of every code path in every build provides complete application coverage and ensures 100% OWASP compliance

Protected in Production

Applications and workloads are bubble-wrapped with “Protect until Patched” policies and attacks are detected and mitigated in real-time

Lower TCO

Unified Dev-Native platform reduces CAPEX by consolidating the security stack and reduces OPEX via end-to-end automation of manual tasks


Weaves security into the fabric of the SDLC


Shift security left to identify and remediate vulnerabilities early in the development process


Certify open-source and supply chain software in a sandbox before moving into production


Protect production workloads against zero-day vulnerabilities and block threats in real-time

The Average Enterprise Has 75+ Tools But None Expose And Resolve Blind Spots 




Your Siloed Security Tools Create Enormous Risk


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