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World's 1st Unique Patented Security Data Lake 
100% Monitoring of 100% Transactions in Real Time

Equals 100% SECURITY

The First Purpose-Built Data Lake for Security

Simplify the security stack

Enforce NIST controls

Detect MITRE tactics 


Active Cyber Risk Management Powered by The First Purpose-Built Security Data Lake 

Prismo Transaction Graph is the first data lake purpose-built for security at enterprise scale, providing  Active Cyber Risk Management and enabling enterprises to protect IT infrastructure and applications while simplifying the security stack and reducing costs.


Active Cyber Risk Management

        A purpose-built security data lake provides unprecedented visibility and control. Integrated risk           management for governance and operations



Continuous risk assessment

Event-driven discovery of users, assets and transactions. Assess risk and expose blind spots. Highlight configuration drift in CMDB, AD, DNS

Minimize attack surface

Combine real-time activity with configuration to discover risks and enforce controls. Discover vulnerabilities using CVE and Microsoft KB. Delete unused accounts. Policies protect until patched

Excess privileges and misconfiguration

Validate user identity with local accounts to halt lateral movement. Identify outlier behavior for users, networks and data access to detect human oversight and errors. 

Prevent Malware from installing

Provenance policies block advanced Malware, including Ransomware, at install. 

Assure NIST compliance with NextGen GRC

Map controls to NIST framework. Risk Registry, persona specific active dashboards for C-suite, architects and analysts. Detailed 3 to 7-year audit trail in the data lake. 









    Lockdown Servers & Workloads

Defend critical applications, tools and workflows against software supply chain attacks. Secure enterprise crown jewels located on-premise and in public clouds running Linux, Windows or Containers across the entire server lifecycle. 

Certified Provisioning

Validate golden image with CIS hardened configuration. Authorize software installs, updates and patches from sanctioned channels. Return server to versioned state. Provenance policies automatically block unsanctioned executables at install. 

Integrity of Operations

Discover and fingerprint scripts, tools and workflows. Detect and block backdoors and other compromises in trusted channels. Bubble wrap servers and workloads until they are patched. 

Least-Privilege during Maintenance

No standing access to production. Just-in-Time certificates for break glass. Rich transaction context and granular control of admins and DevOps. 


Micro-Segment Execution

Continuous discovery and profiling auto-segments network and system behaviours.


Minimize human error via Intent-based policies, recommendation engine, what-if and dry-run. 















  See how active risk management can help your organisation

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Improved ROI

Secure transformation

Simplified security stack

Seemless insertion

Auotmated operations


Quantify exposure

Prioritize security spend

Assure NIST Compliance

Efficient Audits

Precise Control

Reduce the attack surface

Easty to use intent policies

Conform to MITRE tactics

Model-based automation

Efficient Response

Slash false positives

Prioritize Threats

1-click response

Threat hunting toolkit





Cyber Risk Management is built for all security stakeholders

Man on Computer

Reduce Public-Cloud OpEx

“Sweat the maximum value out of your existing On-Prem Estate thus helping reduce Public Cloud OpEx.”

Consolidated Visibility

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