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IT  Services 

AI, BI, Architecture, Digital Technology, Skills & Tools 

  • Infrastructure Supply 

For many businesses, searching for the right IT hardware supplier can typically be a time-intensive and expensive process. Our IT hardware supply service has been designed to save our customers the trouble and frustration of researching, sourcing, installing and maintaining their infrastructure requirements such as servers, storage, networking, desktops, laptops, tablets, print and wireless. We’ve been doing this a long time, so we know the right questions to ask in order to match you up with the right solution. 

  • Hardware maintenance and support with a range of service levels

  • Legacy equipment support

  • End of Life support for hardware

  • Hardware leasing or loans

  •  Business Intelligent software as a service 

ClearSky Cloud's intelligence software-as-a-service enables Business Intelligence & Analytics allowing organizations to build dashboards, augment data warehousing, perform analytics, generate business intelligence reports, leverage self-service business intelligence solutions. Our Business Intelligence services enable easy information management. Using BI tools, we help derive insights from data and make effective business decisions.



  • Artificial Intelligence - AI Strategy and Digital Transformation

We meet your user needs by identifying use cases where Artificial Intelligence (AI) brings the most benefits. Our AI capability check assesses your capabilities, business, and data readiness for Artificial Intelligence. We help define your Artificial Intelligence AI strategy by working with stakeholders. AI Can meet evolving user needs.

  • Blockchain & Distributed Ledger 

Blockchain creates a secure ledger between organisations that improves transaction/asset auditability, increases transaction process automation, and enables next-generation revenue streams. Amazon's cloud blockchain practice provides end-to-end business and technology consulting services together with blockchain managed services to allow the enterprise to rapidly explore, develop and deploy blockchain solutions.

  • Cloud Strategy & Business Case 

Cloud technology can revolutionise your business, providing agility and reducing costs. Our Cloud Strategy provides you with strategic direction, thought leadership and digital transformation experience to provide you with a clear practical journey to the cloud, taking account of your existing infrastructure, business objectives and rapidly changing marketplace for the public, private and hybrid cloud, whether that be to IaaS, PaaS or SaaS services.

  • Cloud Telephony 

Telcos that can create a compelling end-to-end cloud proposition that integrates their network management capabilities, supported by an agile and service-oriented operating model, could carve out a differentiated and attractive offering to small and midsize businesses (SMBs) and enterprises.  Cloud telephony offers ease of management and can be flexed easily as your requirements change. Systems can be deployed rapidly and tailored to the independent needs of your business; whether that be a simplistic telephone system or a complex, call centre deployment, we can help to align your communications with your strategy.

  • IT Disposals Services 

Our services ensure that you mitigate the risks associated with securely managing your IT assets throughout their lifecycle, comply with all relevant data security, mitigate risk, ensure environmental compliance and reduce costs.  ClearSky is trusted by many leading organisations operating in sectors such as banking, law, financial services, healthcare, education and the public sector.

ClearSky Cloud your IT Hardware, Software & Cloud Service Provider



Consolidated Visibility & Governance

“Quickly provide consolidated visibility & governance of the Hybrid-Cloud Estate.”

Automated Discovery

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