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Why ClearSky Cloud

Cloud changes everything

Our vision of how the IT industry will look moving forward is as follows:

  • information technology will, in the main, be delivered as a service

  • individual LOB’s within a business will self-serve

  • IT Departments within the Enterprise will be increasingly treated as external MSPs to LOBs

  • MSPs and IT Departments will compete to own the Cloud gateway (CMP)

  • apart from data classification, sovereignty, and latency - location becomes largely irrelevant

  • mid to large enterprises are likely to have data in multiple locations delivered by different providers

  • traditional appliances will be delivered as virtual images from a central library

  • current practices where services are procured on credit cards do not have the control of cost, security, and governance required

  • service terms will be rolling monthly with no penalties for termination

  • you will only pay for what you consume

  • NextGen CMP enhances:

    • Disaster Recovery

    • Security (via Secure Gateway)

    • Elastic Workload Provisioning

    • Cost Consolidation

    • Infrastructure and Platform ‘Comparison Shopping’

    • LOB Self Service

    • Governance of the Dev/Ops function

Everything As a Service needs a New Breed of Partner to deliver on this vision.

Consolidated Visibility & Governance 

“We can quickly provide consolidated visibility and governance of the Multi-Cloud Estate ”.

Automated Discovery 

Let’s Start Working Together!

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