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A smarter Cloud for your business begins by asking the right questions.

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Having worked for various IT organisations including vendors, resellers, integrators, and consultancies I have had the pleasure to team-up with some extremely bright and talented people. These experiences enriched me with insights on where I would like to focus if I ever ventured off on my own.

Some areas I found extremely rewarding. A particularly rewarding area is Security as I was helping businesses by empowering their people to ask the right questions.

Knowing the right questions is the first step in beginning to address the topic.

Even more than security, the area I found most rewarding was representing boutique application providers to tailor customer-specific solutions that matched requirements precisely. This, of course, meant gaining a very deep understanding of the business and its needs.

Therefore, asking the right questions and focussing precisely on business need is how I would like to continue to add value.

Some of the questions being asked today are:

  • How can Cloud adoption help increase the productivity of a remote workforce?

  • How do I enable customers to self-service – reducing the need for bricks and mortar branches?

  • How do I reduce the number of overlapping legacy tools?

  • Can I move away from point-in-time snapshots towards continuous monitoring and full visibility?

  • How can I leverage the Cloud to reduce costs, assure availability and improve agility?

  • How can I enforce our security compliance policy and corporate best standards in the Cloud?

ClearSky Cloud addresses the questions above.

Helping cloud adoption is our passion and our way to drive a new era of innovation, growth and productivity. ​

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