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McKinsey Mandates CFO’s Master Change - Salesforce & KPMG save $200M - could you?

Thank-you in advance for your time - indeed it's our most valuable resource.

That's why I found McKinsey mandating that CFO’s master change in the age of Digital Transformation so interesting:

Perhaps you will consider a financially compelling Digital Transformation game changer. This new patented Technology dramatically reduces software development costs while turbo-charging responsiveness to change: enabling next-level competitive advantage.

Finance leaders are deeply involved in determining how businesses adapt to significant changes in how work gets done—particularly in places where digital and finance intersect. -


Public companies and major system integrators are now realising huge financial savings and accelerated application development time. This results in tremendous competitive advantage and increased corporate value.

Stakeholders, employees and partners expect and demand immediate engagement with instant information from your applications. Leading organisations are saving millions on their software application development, plus releasing applications, enhancements and improvements in a fraction of the time; a massive competitive edge – something that impresses analysts.

By automating this way the time required to release new applications is reduced by 70%. Furthermore, you can realise a 100 fold decrease in the time required to repair applications in a production environment.

We now have real-world proven financial savings and benefits which has allowed us to produce an ROI estimate table below.

This creates massive savings – in the first year from a conservative $15M to as much as $60M and over 3 years from $50M to as much as $200M! That’s why Schlumberger, Wipro, KPMG, PWC, Deloitte, Mindtree, New York Life, Salesforce have all signed-up!

Conservative and Probable derived from assuming average of 20 critical vulnerabilities per App.

Optimistic derived from assuming average of 40 “critical + high” vulnerabilities per App.

As you may know, we offer this financially compelling Technology with no upfront commitment and encourage a free trial.

So feel free to contact me at to quickly determine if this might be a fit in your organisation - if so we can offer you a free trial.

Thanks you!

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