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ClearSky Cloud Executive Appointment

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

ClearSky Cloud is proud to announce a key addition to our Executive Team: Ashfaq Shilliwala ( LinkedIn ) will be heading our sales and consulting efforts in India as Country Head India.

ClearSky Cloud enables Enterprises and Service Providers to Manage, Secure & Protect the Hybrid-Cloud at dramatically lower costs with increased productivity. This is made possible with ClearSky’s Cloud Orchestration: Empowering People as a Service. It’s a unified management portal powered by world-class technology.

India is set to lead the world in Cloud adoption which is why this unique approach should be very attractive to CIOs in India looking to better leverage Cloud services while reducing costs.

A first-generation entrepreneur and visionary, Ashfaq brings ClearSky Cloud the same expert direction that he continues to bring TransForm Solutions. Ashfaq has infused growth momentum that has made Transform Solutions a backend services provider to reckon with. Besides leading strategic intent, Ashfaq adds impetus to timely service delivery, backed by excellence. He also possesses an unmatched business outlook that has helped him lead new business initiatives, partnerships, and international projects.

Known for his deep domain knowledge and the conviction to tread new and innovative paths, Ashfaq is an inspired leader, trend-setter, and atypical founder who believes in leading a team of empowered and enthusiastic people. A firm believer in – "If only one person has a dream, it will remain a dream. But if many people dream together, it is the beginning of a new reality," Ashfaq has been on a mission to constructively transform how the services industry functions across the globe. With ClearSky Cloud, his mission has now been extended into the exciting world of Cloud Management.

Cloud computing offers immense potential and benefits for all types of organizations. In India, the adoption of cloud computing is gaining momentum and growing exponentially. This is because of the government’s support in embracing emerging latest technologies and best practices derived from different cloud deployment scenarios and application areas. Research studies indicate that CIOs in India are planning to move their business operations to the cloud and this remains their top priority. This is a perfect fit for the benefits that Ashfaq together with ClearSky Cloud can bring to the Indian market.

The benefits include dramatically reduced Cloud OpEx, enforced compliance with best-practice, and turbo-charged productivity. All of these benefits are offered on a consumption Pay-As-You-Go model that delivers in month ROI.

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