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Cloud Orchestration: Executive Summary

The Multi-Cloud Opportunity and Challenges

C-Suite executives are increasingly embracing the tremendous opportunity a Multi-Cloud strategy presents in workforce collaboration, service excellence, on-demand scalability, responsiveness to changing business requirements, and of course cost savings.

However, a Multi-Cloud strategy also brings some tough challenges stemming from the elastic and borderless infrastructure inherent with the Cloud.

The biggest challenges we help address are as follows:

· How to achieve 100% Visibility across the Private and Public Clouds?

· How can you measure & control asset utilisation to achieve Multi-Cloud Optimisation?

· How to Slash Cloud Cost and avoid Bill Shock?

· How do you optimally provision workloads in the Cloud within Enterprise constraints?

· How do you maintain continuous Governance & Compliance?

· How do you Secure your critical assets in an Elastic Perimeter?

What we do

We help Manage, Secure & Protect the Hybrid-Cloud.

Our mission is Cloud Orchestration Empowering People as-a-Service. This is accomplished via a Unified Management Portal powered by World-Class technology.

This unique approach provides tremendous benefit for the following:

· Enterprises moving to a Cloud-First Strategy

· SaaS organisations seeking competitive advantage

· Cloud Service Providers offering incredible value without up-front investment

· IoT Integrators looking to bring legacy IT, OT, and the Cloud under unified management

Cloud Orchestration, to address the above, comprises three core areas: Manage, Secure, and Protect.


Manage the Hybrid-Cloud with the Cloud Management Platform (CMP) to gain 100% visibility and agnostic multi-cloud management into your infrastructure and applications. Unified orchestration meets the needs of Developers, Operations, and Business stakeholders. Automate optimised resource provisioning, threat intelligence, backup & disaster recovery to any Cloud environment from a single User Interface (UI) using our self-serve SaaS Unified Management Platform.

The CMP is powered by Gartner Magic Quadrant world-class technology - we've enhanced this powerful capability with a Unified Management Portal - a customisable GUI to enable Self-Service at the Business level.


ClearSky Cloud offers the world's first purpose-built security data-lake. This revolutionary approach brings:

· Real-time monitoring and visibility of 100% of Transactions 100% of the time

· Continuous exposure blind spots

· Actively reduces the attack surface to control Inherent Risk

· Amplified MITRE tactics to contain Imminent Risk

· The first security platform to provide actionable and automated cyber risk management at enterprise scale

Leave Correlation (best-guess) behind and move into enforcing zero-trust using Causation (trust-chain) to eliminate false positives.

Adopters report 70% cost savings as opposed to using traditional multi-layered approaches to mitigate rogue activity on the network. The transactional data model and data lake fundamentally transform how security telemetry is collected, analysed and stored.

Enterprises realise unprecedented visibility, accuracy and control along with lower costs, operational efficiency and risk-centric governance.


ClearSky's Cloud Management Platform offers an easy and cost-effective cloud solution for your offsite backup and archiving needs. ​ Get physical and virtual backups off-site and replicate VMs (virtual machines) without the cost and complexity of building and maintaining an off-site infrastructure. It provides a fully integrated, fast, and secure way to backup and replicates to a service provider's cloud repository.

Cloud Orchestration Empowering People as a Service

Cloud Orchestration

· Leverage automated discovery to provide 100% transactional and resource visibility and security across public and private clouds

· Aggregate disparate services to provide seamless management of multiple platforms, technologies, services, and suppliers.

· Enforce best practices and govern the Cloud in a secure & optimal way

Empowering People

· Streamline the provisioning of Cloud resources

· Enforce best practices while enabling a self-service model

· Sitting in the Control Plane it encompasses the Technical Layer through to the Business Layer

· A seamless user experience across all platforms and suppliers

· Enhanced responsiveness to change and higher service-levels

as a Service

· Commercially delivered in the same way Cloud resources are consumed

· Priced by the month based on the size of the estate

· Immediate Cloud cost and OpEx reduction with enhanced service quality:

o Zero Upfront Investment

o In Month ROI circa 30 - 35% Average Cost Savings

o Start with a free Cloud Audit

Our Vision of the Future

Our vision of how the IT industry will look moving forward includes:

· Information technology will be delivered as a service

· Individual lines of business will self-serve

· Apart from data classification, sovereignty, and latency – location becomes largely irrelevant

· Mid to large enterprises are likely to be managing hybrid Multi-Cloud estates

· Traditional appliances will be delivered as virtual images from a central library

· You will only pay for what you consume​

· IoT will connect everything of value

If you share our ‘everything as a service’ strategy, then you are ready for a New Breed of Technology Partner.


Cloud Orchestration Empowering People as a Service enables IT departments and Service Providers to build consistent policies around image builds, security, governance, cost control, and data protection while empowering line of business self-service.

Full visibility of the IT asset estate combined with streamlined compliant resource provisioning and automatic optimisation provides many benefits including: increased productivity and responsiveness to change, compliance and best practice enforcement, and dramatically reduced Cloud costs while mitigating ‘bill-shock’.

Moreover, optimal governance of the Hybrid-Cloud optimises Cost/Service ratios and the proven savings in OpEx (Circa 30%+ net savings on average) more than pay for this capability – an ROI measured in days not years.

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