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Application and API Security

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Securing Modern Applications and APIs

As Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says, “all companies are now software companies.” Enterprises across all industries are embracing this new reality, as software and APIs are increasingly the primary drivers of business innovation, competitiveness, and growth.

The vast majority of data breaches, however, start with the exploits of applications and operating systems from 3rd parties and APIs. With modern SaaS applications often synonymous with the brand, securing enterprise applications and APIs is critical to protecting

brand reputation and developing a comprehensive cyber risk management strategy.

Modern applications and infrastructure are hard to secure, however. The advent of DevOps and CI/CD methodologies, containers, cloud-native and hybrid infrastructures, and microservice architectures has exposed the limitations of traditional endpoint, network, and application security solutions and demonstrated the need to detect and block exploits at all layers to effectively prevent breaches and protect brand reputation.

Challenges with exploits in Enterprise applications:

Expanding Attack Surface. Exploits are usually the first stage for entry of malware,

RAT tools, and threat actors and WFH, BYOD, IOT, cloud-based and hybrid

environments all contribute to a rapidly expanding attack surface.

3rd party risk is growing and regulations now require enterprises to ensure the

integrity of the entire supply chain.

Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) offer limited protection. WAFs are rulebased,

need constant tuning to reduce false positives, are prone to evasion and

lack context, and are often configured to block just base cases due to false


DAST. Enterprises sill face significant challenges with application testing due to

manual, imprecise, and incomplete DAST processes and tools that only look at the

application entry points

No solution for some attacks. There’s no solution for exploits such as insecure

deserialization, SQL stored procedures and XML entity attacks. Similarly, there is

no good solution for many other exploits in the OWASP Top 10 such as Broken

Access Control, Parameter Tampering etc.

ClearSky Cloud's strategic security Prismo provides a comprehensive infrastructure agnostic solution for securing all enterprise applications and APIs.

Prismo Detects and Blocks at Application Execution Points:

Detect and Block Exploitation of both

Known and Zero-Day Vulnerabilities.

Works at the application (homegrown,

3rd party, open-source code or plugin),

API, OS and Hypervisor layers.

Precise High Fidelity Detection and

Blocking. Complete coverage of known

and zero-day exploits with zero false

positives or negatives.

Comprehensive OWASP Coverage

Provides full coverage of OWASP

Top10 and more by integrating

behavioral and ML-based anomaly


Full Kill Chain Protection

Protection encompasses the full Kill

Chain (all MITRE Tactics) from

vulnerability exploit to malware to

threat actor.

Massively Scalable Architecture

With Prismo, detection and

enforcement are fully distributed at

the application edge for maximum


Simple Streamlined Operation

With Prismo there’s no rules to

configure or manage and no detection

algorithms to fine-tune.

For more information or to schedule a

demo, please contact us at:

ClesrSky Cloud

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