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Book a Free Multi-Cloud Audit

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Get a personalised assessment of cloud usage in your organisation

We can almost guarantee that you are wasting money on your multi-cloud spend, but this could be the least of your problems. If you don't know where all your digital assets are, who has access to them, and whom they are communicating with then you are leaving your business massively exposed.  Our audit is non-intrusive, quick, and accurate, it is just your decision whether you action any of the findings in the audit.

We are offering a free Cloud Audit to give you a better understanding of your ongoing cloud journey.

What does a cloud audit involve?

Our Cloud Audit service is a structured engagement to evaluate the existing configuration of your existing multi-cloud estate. The audit provides customers with a holistic view of their cloud tenants to ensure all configuration meets best practice and is secure. It also checks the current spend against actual requirements. The service requires administrative access to the customer's Cloud tenant as a prerequisite. In addition, it requires input from the customer's technical staff during the workshop.


  • Review of current service consumption

  • Discover all cloud applications in use

  • Identify users with excessive permissions

  • Audit of platform configuration and security

  • Strategic adoption recommendations around all cloud services

  • Get a detailed summary of redundant services


  • Focused audit to ensure services are optimised

  • Tailored to each customer’s requirements

  • Cost analysis ensures service consumption matches requirements

  • Highlights any critical technical or security issues

  • Helps to ensure services are optimised based on needs

  • Detailed report created listing all findings

  • We typically see a 20% to 45% reduction in Cloud spend

To discuss your free Multi-Cloud audit requirements email -

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