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CIO - Post COVID-19 Priorities

Enhancing Experience and the number and quality of Service Offerings for customers are the main drivers of CIOs moving to Digital Transformation in the coming months. This focus on Customer Experience means that CIOs are having to raise their game and the role of their IT staff in creating an enhanced customer experience and new service offerings.

Another challenge for IT Departments within the Enterprise is how to remain relevant as the LOBs move to a self-service model. For Cloud Service providers the challenge is how to compete with Amazon and Azure while differentiating with their Service Stack.

Digitise everything is a mantra being heard far and wide – both from Providers and Enterprise consumers of Cloud Services.

Although it is early in this cycle, at ClearSky Cloud we are starting to see a recognition from internal IT Departments and from Telco’s and MSPs that whoever owns the CMP Gateway owns the value-added relationship with the business. As Multi-Cloud architecture becomes the norm for Enterprise service, usage of NextGen CMPs will become the rule rather than the exception. This is because a NextGen Cloud Management Platform provides so much value to business operations in the way of governance, optimisation and the inherent cost savings such features bring.

Moreover, via Cost Normalisation, a NextGen CMP can push consumption towards the MSP or Telco’s Infrastructure or Platform Services and away from that of the major cloud offerings.

Currently, we see a 2 to 1 ratio of spending on ‘run the business’ keeping the lights on spending versus ‘build the business’ new service offering spending. As digital transformation becomes more mature, we anticipate that ratio to move closer to 1 to 1. This means the future will be even faster-paced, more innovate and more competitive.

Why not talk to us about a Cloud Audit and we can discuss how our unique approach can automatically discover a 30% saving in your Public Cloud spending and get ahead of the curve?

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