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Is Cloud cost control becoming an issue for your business?

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

IDC reckons that global public cloud services and infrastructure spending will hit $370 billion by 2022.

Multi-cloud deployments are becoming the norm, however recent surveys say businesses have been surprised that the cost of cloud computing is not cheap!

Fragmentation of Cloud expenditure with the way Public Cloud vendors present invoices has made it virtually impossible to reconcile cloud expense claims and invoices by the CFO. We also know that paying money for idle workloads is currently estimated to account circa 25-30% of public cloud spend.

Our NextGen Cloud Management Platform is a true enterprise-class CMP delivered with all the benefits of a SaaS service. Built on the Gartner Magic Quadrant leader Morpheus Data, our CMP is the industry’s most complete solution available today.  Cost Management is a by-product of our CMP. Our clients benefit from 30% cost reduction, shut down idle workloads, right-size virtual machines, compare cloud prices, consolidated monthly billing and financial reporting.

Leveraging our CMPs unique automated discovery we can produce an audit that uses smart software, not human beings to do the analysis and reporting, therefore our audit is non-intrusive, quick, and accurate, With this information CTO’s and CFO’s will know on the day of the month if  LOB’s are expected to be in budget at the end of the month. We can also use the end of month total to compare and reconcile against each public Cloud invoice. No need to manually chargeback accounting as it is all detailed for you.

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