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NextGen Cloud Management Platform for MSPs and Enterprise IT

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

ClearSky Cloud is not alone in recognising that Enterprises that do not embrace change and tackle the challenge of Digital Transformation will be abandoned. Paramount to a successful Digital Transformation strategy is moving successfully to a Hybrid-Cloud estate.

Adoption of disparate and complex multi-cloud environments has revealed the need for a single, all-seeing Cloud Management Platform (CMP). IT teams are required to guarantee performance and service levels, enforce governance and control costs. Accomplishing this without a CMP providing absolute visibility across the Enterprise increasingly difficult.

For Managed Service Providers (MSPs) who look after the environments of many customers, the same issues are multiplied many times over. Additional challenges such as multi-tenancy and the requirement to work with different customer’s environments side by side all add to the complexity. These challenges can often result in higher management costs and potentially reduced efficiency for the MSP.

For the Enterprise, IT Departments will find themselves treated increasingly as external MSPs and will quickly begin to operate as such. IT Departments moving to this MSP model will need to expose their costs to LOB in order to compete against Public Cloud. Indeed, forward-thinking IT Departments and MSPs will seek to own the Gateway and Governance platform of the Cloud Estate. They will do this to add value and continue to remain relevant as LOB increasingly move to a self-service model.

Our NextGen Multi-Cloud Management Platform, (via our flagship partnership with Illapa) provides cost control, performance management, improved governance and security across all public and private cloud environments.

Developed with multi-tenancy in mind, service providers can manage all their customers from one place, giving them the tools needed to regain control. This provides their customers with significant value, while at the same time making the support and management of everyone’s cloud easier, more efficient and transparent.

As a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), setup costs for the CMP are zero. There are no costs associated with deploying servers or appliances – we’ve done the work for you.

The CMP allows for tenant branding with the MSPs logo and colour scheme within hours. The most common next step is that the MSP will start using the CMP to manage their own environment by ingesting credentials from their public and private cloud environments. Quickly the benefits are realised, and the MSP will create individual environments for each customer. This will begin to deliver value to the customer by way of cost savings, performance improvements, faster and more consistent deployments of new workloads and better governance.

The CMP does not make proprietary and vendor-specific changes to any of the environments it manages. So, if an individual customer (or the MSP) wants to stop benefiting from the platform then it is simply a case of unlinking the accounts and the billing is stopped and the environments continue to work as they did before. There is no lock-in.

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