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Reduce Public Cloud Spend by 30% with Full Visibility

Before you embark on any journey you need three fundamental pieces of information;

· where you are now

· where you want to go

· when do you want to get there

There could be a fourth which is why do you want to go there in the first place, but there could be an emotional reason, where the first three are purely logical.

So regardless of where you are with your cloud strategy if you do not have nailed on coordinates of your current position then a multi-cloud discovery audit is essential. This is where our unique automated Cloud Audit has potentially so much value.

We can almost guarantee that you are wasting money on your cloud spend, but this could be the least of your problems. If you don't know where all your digital assets are, who has access to them, and whom they are communicating with then you are leaving your business massively exposed.

Leveraging Illapa’s unique automated discovery we can produce an audit that uses smart software, not human beings to do the analysis and reporting, therefore our audit is non-intrusive, quick, and accurate, it is just your decision whether you action any of the findings in the audit.

Audit Analysis

Cloud Inventory

At the end of the audit, you will be presented with a comprehensive (instance by instance) report across the disciplines analysed (Cost, Time, Resource). Each instance will have a report on its current state, along with recommendations to achieve an optimised state. Using current public cloud price plans unique to your account we will also detail cost savings associated with actioning our recommendations:

Cost Management

Rolling Monthly v Reserved Instance

Quickly connect all your public cloud and private cloud environments to the ClearSky OpsMgr platform to gain insights into financial best practices and whether you can save money by moving workloads to reserved instances.

Time Management

Shut Down When You Can

One of the biggest mistakes we see with cloud adoption is taking an ownership mentality into a rental environment. Most public cloud instances are costed per hour, with memory and compute charged separately from storage. If the ONLY element that is perpetual is the storage, then shutdown memory and compute on idle workloads whenever possible.

Resource Management

Right-size Virtual Machines

Over specifying machine resources is another die-hard habit from working with depreciating assets, where decisions needed to be made with a far longer-term vision in mind. With a rental environment, we ONLY need to provision for what we need today, there is NO return on investment with over-specifying workloads in a public cloud, you are just wasting money

Cost Normalisation - Private Cloud

Building a Consistent Commercial Model

It is impossible to identify value for money across two disparate commercial models, the risk is that the decision-making process becomes emotional, not logical, and therefore it feels like the right thing to do. ClearSky Cloud can work with you as part of our private cloud audit to normalise the pricing between public and private clouds. We can create tee-shirt size VMs that mirror public cloud instances, and therefore you can dynamically compare price/performance across your hybrid cloud estate.

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