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Say Hello to Appaegis Next-Generation Secure Application Access

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Next-generation application access has arrived, and it has a lot to offer.

Secure access outside trusted boundary?

85% of organisations anticipate a larger remote workforce will threaten operations.

Today’s remote access solutions cannot fully protect your applications and data when accessed from an untrusted boundary. One of the biggest concerns is knowing if your data has been downloaded or leaked.

Current solutions fall into two types:

1. Using MDM to extend the trusted boundary to the user.

2. Using a software-defined perimeter (SDP) to accelerate the adoption of your Zero Trust security strategy.

ClearSky Cloud is really excited to introduce Appaegis and their “Zero Trust Isolation Access (ZTIA)” solution.

Zero Trust Isolated Application Access - ZTIA

Modern-day applications with distributed access and threats need an effective, revolutionary security solution now more than ever.

Appaegis provides the ultimate protection with Zero Trust Isolated Access (ZTIA). Centrally managed, automated & adaptive policy controls effectively defeat any attacks, including zero-day, and protect data locality when accessed from untrusted boundaries. Critical visibility and traceability of user and application interactions detect anomalies and enable the least privilege access to your most vital business applications.


  • Through “ZTIA” Appaegis redefines a trusted perimeter (SDP), therefore the only data that exists outside of this known trusted perimeter is pixels and keystrokes. As a result, the threat of malware on the endpoint infecting the application is completely neutralised.

  • The endpoint only needs a browser to connect to all public and private applications, and because Appaegis is agentless, whether the device is corporate-owned or BYOD, the ability to secure, and manage the connection is the same.

  • The endpoint now no longer needs to be a high-end corporate device, as the same secure experience can be delivered from a privately-owned laptop or browser-based endpoint.

  • Using Appaegis ensures the endpoint connection is always made through their Isolation layer, preventing spinning up another browser tab on the endpoint, and logging into your SaaS application directly.

  • Appaegis is able to ensure that every corporate connection is made through the Appaegis zero trust isolation layer via a dedicated password vault, and therefore guaranteeing visibility, insight, and control of user behaviour.

  • Appaegis reduces complexity for the user and operator and also makes it much more difficult for a potential attacker to turn a small compromise into a full-fledged data breach.

Swift implementation and zero upfront investment

It only takes minutes to implement your Appaegis solution, and as you would expect, Appaegis through ClearSky Cloud is a ‘pay per use’ monthly subscription with zero upfront investment.

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