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Threat Intelligence: Mitigating a Border-less Threat Landscape

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Leading Financial Services, Oil & Gas and SaaS organizations embracing a Multi-Cloud Digital Strategy tell us that they are struggling to mitigate a borderless threat landscape. Our Threat Intelligence solution uses machine learning from Prismo Systems to construct and analyze 100M transactions per second. It automates entitlements and revokes bad intent transactions in real-time.

How does it do this you might ask? By monitoring network traffic, operating system calls and application requests, machine learning builds 3 graph databases modelling business-as-usual transactions.

Gain a singular transactional view across the elastic enterprise estate by seamlessly integrating Discovery, Protection with Enforcement, Threat Detection, Incidence Response and Remediation to achieve NIST 4 Adaptive compliance status. Running natively on a distributed but federated security data lake it unites the traditional asset silos of users, devices, networks, applications, and data.


-Eliminate blind spots with a singular transactional view of the enterprise.

-Enable real-time closed-loop responses that cut dwell time of threats and protect services by blocking malicious transactions, and prevention of malware installation (at install time).

-Use one-click actions to boost analyst productivity and create capacity.

This approach mitigates Malware, Ransomware, SQL Injection, and rogue inside and outside actors.

In fact, this holistic information-centric solution converges multiple classic Gartner technology designations, including Security Information & Event Management, Web Application Firewall, User & Entity Behavioural Analytics, Endpoint Detection and Response, Intrusion Detection System, Threat and Vulnerability Management, and Security Orchestration Automation & Response.

Enterprises can now fortify their elastic Estate: securing Enterprise resources.

Sounds too good to be true. Let us have a deep dive.

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